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Keswick and District Fair Trade Campaign promote Fairtrade both locally and internationally. Keswick is now recognised as one of the country's leading centres of Fairtrade.
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22 Apr New Study on Social and Environmental Impact of Fairtrade Cotton

22 April, 2017 In a multi-billion dollar global clothing and textile industry that relies on cotton, millions of smallholder farmers do not earn enough money from conventional cotton farming to pay for life’s essentials. Farmers are facing multiple long-term threats, including climate change, food security, biotechnology,...

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21 Oct National Trust Sources Fairtrade Tea

21 October, 2016 From this month onwards all tea served in all 200 National Trust properties where there are restaurants and cafés will be Clipper's Fairtrade and organic teas.  In August Clipper’s parent company, Wessanen UK, announced the five year contract with Clipper. The Trust is one...

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27 Sep Three Peruvian Gold Miners on Nationwide Tour

27 September 2016 Three special guests from Peru will speak at events across the UK as part of a nationwide push tagged ‘I DO’ to stamp out practices that have tarnished the jewellery industry’s reputation. Fairtrade gold miner Roger Arcos Ponte from MACDESA gold mine, and Tatianna...

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21 Sep Keswick Fair Trade Campaign: New Website

21st September 2016 Keswick and District Fair Trade Campaign has a new website, designed and built by Keswick Computer Solutions (KCS). Replacing the old site, dating from 2009, the new site is easier to use, more navigable and definitely more 2016.  One particular improvement has been the...

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06 Sep Fairtrade Fortnight 2017

7th September, 2016 Following the popularity of this year's Big Fairtrade Breakfast, the Campaigns team at the Fairtrade Foundation are hard at work on next year's Fairtrade Fortnight (27 February - 12 March).  Here is their message: ‘In 2017, we'll be building on our message that many of...

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06 Sep Fairtrade Strengthens Support for Farmers and Workers

6th September 2016 New actions on climate, textiles and gender are among a range of initiatives introduced by Fairtrade over the past year and showcased in its annual report released today. The report, “Driving Sales, Deepening Impact”, highlights Fairtrade’s commitment to deliver more impact for farmers...

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01 Sep A Brewing Storm: The Climate Change on Coffee

1st September, 2016 A new report from the Climate Institute shows coffee quality and cost will be impacted by climate change, but there are things we can do today. Climate change is already putting production and cost pressures on the supply of coffee in significant parts of...

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17 Jun Strawberry Tea: Lucky with the Weather!

17th June, 2016 Against all forecasts Sunday afternoon turned out fine for Keswick and District Fair Trade Campaign’s annual Strawberry Tea at Castlerigg Manor Catholic Diocesan Youth Centre on Manor Brow, held with the support of the Youth Centre’s team, led by Father John. Speaking for the...

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