Fair Trade Keswick | Ruth Burgess
Keswick and District Fair Trade Campaign promote Fairtrade both locally and internationally. Keswick is now recognised as one of the country's leading centres of Fairtrade.
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Author: Ruth Burgess


12 Feb Choosing the world we want

  This has been a strange and thorny year for us all.  Most of us have probably been focused on ways to endure the trials of COVID-19.   Yet we are well aware that around the world there are people who have less capacity to cope with...

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04 Feb Follow Keswick Fairtrade on social media

If you would like to keep track of FairTrade updates, news, information, and local events via social media, please follow our Facebook page or look out for updates on Twitter. With FairTrade Fortnight just a few weeks away we will be sharing ways you can...

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19 Jan Keswick Mini Market

Keswick Mini Market  is a friendly, local convenience store located on Main Street in Keswick. They stock FairTrade: chocolate bars, cocoa, drinking chocolate, brown sugar.   Telephone: 017687 73535 Email: info@keswickminimarket.co.uk    ...

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19 Jan Spar shops

Spar (Shorley Lane) stocks drinking chocolate, cocoa, chocolate bars, SUMA herbs and spices, brown sugar.   Spar (Penrith Road Garage) stocks ice cream, chocolate bars, hot chocolate, cocoa.   Spar (High Hill) stocks ice cream, demerara sugar, chocolate bars, drinking chocolate, cocoa.    ...

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28 Apr Fairtrade and the coronavirus

  The Fairtrade Foundation has provided this information about Fairtrade during the coronavirus:- 1. Farmers and workers have been receiving advice and support through their local Fairtrade Producer Network. These Networks operate in Africa, Latin America and Asia, and each body is working hard to understand how the COVID-19 pandemic will...

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09 Mar Fairtrade Fortnight in Keswick

Fairtrade Fortnight began for the Keswick Fair Trade Campaign with a service at Southey Street Methodist Church.  Joyce Ellis took the service and Roy Ellis, who was an active member of the campaign in its early days and was a lead on making Cumbria a...

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13 Feb Fairtrade Fortnight 2020 – 24th February to 8th March

  Fairtrade Fortnight will start on Monday February 24th and finish on Sunday March 8th. The purpose of Fairtrade Fortnight is, of course, to remind people about the importance of Fairtrade to producers in the developing world. This is what is happening in and around Keswick during...

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13 Feb Fairtrade and Climate Change

  When you buy Fairtrade, you are supporting farmers through the often devastating impact of the climate emergency. Below is an explanation of how this is done. The full article can be found at https://www.fairtrade.org.uk/Media-Centre/Blog/2018/June/8-ways-Fairtrade-protects-the-environment Farmers say the climate emergency is one of the number one threats...

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20 Nov Fairtrade Campaign: Christmas Events in December 2019

  The Keswick and District Fair Trade Campaign will be reminding people of how they can help Fairtrade producers this Christmas. On December 1st the Campaign will be sharing a stall at the Victorian Fayre with Fairtrade Campaigners from Caldbeck. You may have visited the Fair World Shop...

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