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Keswick and District Fair Trade Campaign promote Fairtrade both locally and internationally. Keswick is now recognised as one of the country's leading centres of Fairtrade.
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Future Events

19 Feb Future Events

  • The Keswick Fair Trade Campaign AGM will be held on Wednesday June 6th at the Quaker Meeting House at 7.30pm.
  • Cumbria Fair Trade Network FTN¬† AGM April 28th : Ambleside Parish Centre 9:30am for 10:00am start

We trust that most people are aware of the Cumbria Fair Trade Network (CFTN) and the work it does to assist and encourage local Fairtrade groups. Much is happening in the world of Fairtrade; we are at a turning point and we would love you to be part of deciding our future direction!

Everyone is  therefore warmly invited to come and join us for our Spring Meeting which will focus on holding a workshop on:

  • how CFTN needs to evolve in order to best support local campaigning activities in the face of current challenges and opportunities
  • how to use our campaigning time and energy most effectively towards the goals of Fairtrade – and hopefully coming up with some inspiring solutions!

We are delighted that there will also be a speaker from the Fairtrade Foundation who will give us some insights into recent developments such as new Fairtrade schemes, the implications of Brexit, developments with FT towns certification / renewal and update on Sainsburys.

Everyone is welcome!

Fair Trade Locally. Fairer Trade Worldwide.