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Keswick and District Fair Trade Campaign promote Fairtrade both locally and internationally. Keswick is now recognised as one of the country's leading centres of Fairtrade.
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17 May Booths

160517_Booths_Logo_FGHUZE24Regional supermarket chain of 27 stores with strong commitment to sourcing locally and with a reasonable range of Fairtrade produce. Booths supermarkets pride themselves on sourcing many product lines from within the region and are recognised for this. Two years ago they introduced their own brand Fair Milk, guaranteeing to pay suppliers  the highest market price.  Though not Fairtrade certified as we know it, this was a very welcome initiative. Their range of Fairtrade products includes many coffees (Percol, Taylors, Union and Grumpy Mule), a few wines, some teas, sugars and some spices.  They have no Fairtrade stocklist.

Keswick (also Penrith)

Tel: 017687 73518
Website: http://www.booths.co.uk/store/keswick/
Email: keswick@booths.co.uk



Fair Trade Locally. Fairer Trade Worldwide.